CPLEIC Pathfinder

The Redbrands Demise
and Xavier's revenge

Has the party approached the center of Phandalin all the villagers where gathering around to listen to an older hafling, a local farmer. She was arguing that the newcomers where more trouble than good news and that the foul creatures they had brought along ate her dog. She was obviously talking about Xavier and Yeemik.
As the same time she was saying this, Harbin Wester brought Yeemik from the Town Hall and the people where insisting in taking justice into their own hands.

In the middle of the confusion only Sildar Hallwinter was trying to keep Yeemik safe, but as soon as he saw Gundren Rockseeker he left Yemmik who was now at the people’s mercy.

Luckily for Yemmik, from the other side of town, a group of strangers cloacked in red and with four hobgoblins in front of their ranks came forth and caused the people to run in the opposite direction. Amongst their ranks, an hooded figure with a staff with a glass orb on top came forth and adressed the party demanding not only all their stuff but also that they abandon the village this instance.

As things heated up, a figure from the crowd, a gnome, one of the people that came to Phandalin to prospect, joined the players in their effort to defeat the Redbrands in their attempt to keep the town under their tendrils.

As the battle developed, the Redbrands started to lose the advantage of numbers and their ranks started to break and when Glasstaff fell, the last remaining archers withdraw from battle. Up and fighting there was only the last of the hobgoblins which, with the help of some magic, became very helpful torwards to, the still unknown, gnome.

In the remnants of the battle, Xavier approached Yemmik, on the ground and barely conscious he seemed to appeal for Xavier’s help but he only got the end of his sword. Xaviers settled up his fate by killing is former master. As unnespected as the attack on Yemmik was the attack on Xavier by Valorian. Having sworn Yemmik that he was going to get away from the cave unarmed, Valorian couldn’t tolerate Xavier’s blow. With Yemmik dead and Xavier unconscious and bleeding out on the ground, Qog interceded and for what seemed an eternity, we had what we could a litttle mexican stand off.

After agreeing to not further arm Xavier, Priest Sue came along and healed everybody up. Xavier, thinking that he was armed during the course of battle proceeded to explain the party that is previous master took a liking to harming and torturing everyone bellow him.

All things done, the unconscious Glasstaff and the hobgoblin, that was still under the influence of the gnome’s spell, both ended up on the brig. They decided it was time to interrogate Glasstaff and with the help of the gnome’s magic abilities not only where they able to discover that Glasstaff was in fact Iarno Albrek a former companion of Sildar Hallwinter gone rogue, but where also able to clean up all of the Redbrands hideout without much trouble and even saving some locals that where imprisioned.

Cragmaw's Castle

After the encounter with the Redbrands, the players got together back at the inn. Using it’s powers, Augustus (Aug) healed up the party, however not completely. Praying to her Goddess, Feronia, Augustus begged for her favour in order to help his friends.
Answering his prayers, Feronia came before the party and not only healed the party but it also gave Augustus (Aug) a gift, transforming is longsword in a bastard sword.

On the next day they set on to the Cragmaw Castle with directions provided by Xavier. They arrived just before sun down and went on in setting up a watch on the castle. With the collaboration of Xavier they found a secret entrance to the Castle and went on to defeating King Grol, his personal guard, an emissary from the Back Spider,and an Owl Bear which was a captive in the Castle.

Upon defeating the King they managed to rescue Gundren Rockseeker and upon getting back to Phandulin they found the town in an uproar. An older halfling was in the process of instigating the town against the players, and the two goblins they brought back.

Phandalin's Arrival
and Xavier's moustache.

After discussing Yeemik’s future, the players decided that Valorian should do whatever he wanted with him. The human they found, Sildar Hallwinter actually encouraged the players to put an end to the goblin, but Valorian had his mind set.

Afterwards, the players headed back to the road to meet Khudan and Robin. Upon getting all together, they decided to go back with the cart in order to collect all the crates and supplies that the goblins appeared to have stolen. However, Qog noticed a shadow on the horizon that he depicted as being somebody on the road. Valorian and Vatilus promptly offered to go into the wood in order to investigate. Turns out it was Jäkel, an emissary sent by the The Patriarch with clear instructions to the players: help Gundren Rockseeker in any way he needs.

With this new information and a cart loaded with two unconscious goblins, a ruffed up human, and an awful lot of crates, the players pressed on to the village and arrived at Phandalin just after nightfall. Luckily, they met Elmar Barthen at the door of his store, just after closing. Barthen offered to keep the wagon safe during the night and Sildar Hallwinter urged them to find lodgings at the local inn.

Qog and Franky stayed behind with Xavier while the rest of the party, Sildar, and Yeemik (carried by Valorian) went to the inn. At the sight of the goblin, the innkeeper, Toblen Stonehill, got a little bit mad and refused to house such a creature. Sildar suggested that Valorian should take the goblin to the Town-master’s hall, where there were two prison cells. At this time, Qog and Franky came into the inn and managed to convince Toblin to let Xavier (which now had a very expensive straw hat and a muddy face) stay at the inn.

A new day arouse and the party went on to deliver their cargo and the stolen goods (which belonged to the Lionshield Coaster) and meet the rest of Phandalin. The village had not seen new faces in a couple of months and very quickly the players were assaulted by a multitude of requests by all of the locals.

The party also learned about the local ruffians that are currently terrorizing the settlement, the Redbrands, and their leader, Glasstaff. Although the party did not seek confrontation with the Redbrands, they quickly found their way of causing problems by having a fight with Khudan, Qog, and Robin. The aftermath of the confrontation resulted in four dead ruffians and an unconscious Khudan.

Goblin Arrows
The Beheading of Klarg!

Upon finding the horses blocking their path, our heroes where ambushed by a group of goblins.
During the battle, Qog was able to capture one goblin, which he promptly named Xavier.

After some interrogation, Xavier gave up the location of their hideout and warned the players about the two traps along the way to the hideout. However, due to a misunderstanding with Augustus (Aug), Xavier ended up unconscious and had to stay behind with Khudan and Robin, guarding the supply wagon.

Qog, Augustus (Aug), Valorian, Vatilus and Franky went forward and eventually found the goblins hideout. They infiltrated the caves and on single combat, Qog managed to behead the goblins leader, a bugbear named Klarg.

After searching the rest of the cave, the players found the second in command, a goblin named Yeemik, who held a human prisoner and was ready to kill him unless the players let him go with a bag full of gold.

The players bargained with Yeemik, which was suspicious, until Valorian gave him his word that he would escape alive. Dropping a bag of gold to the floor, Augustus encouraged Yeemik to take the deal, but at the last moment, right when Yeemik was about to grab the bag, Augustus tried to attacked him.

Augustus failed the attack and Yeemik managed to land an attack on Augustus. Qog, promptly jumped forward and landed a blow on Yeemik. Confused and understanding that he was about to die, Yeemik tried to run only to be struck down a few feet from freedom.

On the ground and bleeding out, Yeemik was about to die but, in a kind gesture, Valorian stabilized him before he died.

The Patriarch
To the victor goes the spoils

After defeating the goblinoids, the players where taken in the presence of the Patriarch.
All that was promised was delivered, but the Patriarch also requested that the Players did a job for him: escort a wagon of supplies from Lynd to Phandalin, where his business associate Content Not Found: gundren-rockseeker is expecting them.

After a night full of celebrations and an incident with a jar of wine losing it’s way into a servants head, the players rested for a couple of days while they waited for the wagon to be ready.

Apart from the growing tension between Robin and Valorian, which culminated on an incident that may have involved a certain somebody relieving himself in another’s boot, the journey proceeded uneventful, until the players found two dead horses on the path.

The Patriarch 120th Anniversary
Goblins for breakfeast!

The players found themselves in the Gladiator Arena of the City of Lynd, a place of prayer where battles were choreographed, now turned into a barbaric form of entertainment.

The players where chosen to fight in the main event of the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Content Not Found: patriarch.
They where given three foes to fight:

  • Bak no-Grakk and his companions, the Champions of the Arena
  • Bone Ripper, a powerful necromancer
  • The reconstitution of the Red Plains Battle

As a reward, they were promised gold that would allow them to retire.
After being asked by Content Not Found: ridal not to fight the champions of the arena (for a considerable amount of money), the players decided to recreate the Red Plains Battle.

The players entered the arena against the goblinoids and after a friendly stray arrow from Valorian knocked Robin unconscious, the players managed to defeat all the goblins.


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