CPLEIC Pathfinder

Cragmaw's Castle

After the encounter with the Redbrands, the players got together back at the inn. Using it’s powers, Augustus (Aug) healed up the party, however not completely. Praying to her Goddess, Feronia, Augustus begged for her favour in order to help his friends.
Answering his prayers, Feronia came before the party and not only healed the party but it also gave Augustus (Aug) a gift, transforming is longsword in a bastard sword.

On the next day they set on to the Cragmaw Castle with directions provided by Xavier. They arrived just before sun down and went on in setting up a watch on the castle. With the collaboration of Xavier they found a secret entrance to the Castle and went on to defeating King Grol, his personal guard, an emissary from the Back Spider,and an Owl Bear which was a captive in the Castle.

Upon defeating the King they managed to rescue Gundren Rockseeker and upon getting back to Phandulin they found the town in an uproar. An older halfling was in the process of instigating the town against the players, and the two goblins they brought back.


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