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Currently on hiatus formthe summer break.

Next Planned sessions

Currently there are no planned sessions

House rules

Even if two persons can’t make it to a session, it will still happen (we currently have 7 players).
All characters will progress equally in XP even if the player doesn’t come to the session.
Attendance will be rewarded with the Tokens described bellow.

Token Shop

+1: Attendancy
+1: DM “Happiness”
+1: Cook Dinner/Bringer of Booze! This is determined pre-session. The same player cannot win two of these before all other players have also won it.

-2: Give another player 1token
-1: add a d6 to your d20 roll. you can add after the roll has been made
-1: take10 on a skill even under stress or distracted
-1: make a knowledge roll using another player’s modifier
-5: gain a Hero Point
-10: gain a trait (GM’s approval)
-15: +1 to one ability score that was less than 18 on character creation
-20: gain a feat
-x: reduce the base price of magic item you are trying to craft by -x000gp regarding Crafting Time (you still have to pay the full amount). If this reduces base price to less than 1000gp, you can craft the item in 2h instead of 1day. Opcional: if less than 1000gp, spend an extra 1hero point to craft the item in 5min.

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